About Generation Nine

General Company Description

Mission Statement: Generation Nine Co., Ltd. aims for providing excellent products and post-sale services to customers. Our selling philosophy is being against price war. This will degrade product image , services and leading to reducing of profit for the whole market.

We mainly focus on selling protection gear for IT appliances, e.g. laptop, digital camera, portable devices. Our goal is to provide distinctive high quality products to customers.

Nowadays, IT appliances become portable. This leads to the demand of protection gear using on the move. Laptops , Tablet , Phone and are not just the optional gadget anymore. They are the first assistants for contemporary consumers. Even cases are normally included with most of IT Appliances but the style and functionality are so primitive and inadequate. This is the opportunity.

Products and services

Although, Generation Nine started from selling common accessories for IT appliances, our later products are mainly bags and protection gears. In retail and on-line store, we have a collection of laptop cases ranging from economic to high-end products. We have the biggest collection of IT case in Thailand.

We also import many kind of product from China. We have our own brand “FYI” for inner bags product line produced from Chinese and Thai manufacturers.

By having a good relationship with Apple’s stores and own stores by ourselves, we realise the high demand of stylish and distinctive products from the market. Even though, we have premium brand in our retails store but we never have distributed and marketed any by ourselves.

We supply product direct to many organization. We can find product base on customer request with competitive price.

Company History

Generation Nine started from a kiosk selling computer accessories in Zeer IT shopping centre in the middle of 2004. We also joined some events taking place in other shopping malls by opening booth. At the end of 2004, we also obtained another kiosk in IT Mall located in the business area of Bangkok. We extended to be a full store in IT Mall in the middle of 2005. At the end of 2005 we open two more stores in an IT shopping mall, IT Square, located close to the new government office centre. This also the first start of the full scale bags and protection gears store in IT shopping mall.

For the wholesale and import area, we started import some of accessories especially for iPod and Apple Macintosh from China since 2005. Not only selling the import to our stores and kiosks, we also sell them via Apple stores. From then on, the relationship with the companies who run Apple store has developed. With the strong connection with Apple, we are promoted by many brand distributors, e.g. Swiss Travel Product, Dicota, to be their master dealer in Apple store channel.

Year 2007 become exclusive distributor of Sumdex in Thailand. Sumdex become our main product line for bag.
Year 2012 become distributor of Yogo and GGMM. Those two brand become main accessory for Apple devices
Year 2014 become distributor of Loca.
By taking part in the whole cycle of this business. We know the customer need. We able to give good products and services to our customers.